Philippe H. Geubelle

Photograph Philippe Geubelle
Title Bliss Professor and Head
Department Department of Aerospace Engineering
Office 306F Talbot Lab

Current Grad Students

Angel Agrawal

Title MS student in AE
Department Mesoscale analysis of transverse cracking in composite laminates

David Brandyberry

Title PhD student in AE
Department Multiscale analysis and design of electrets

Elyas Goli

Photograph Elyas Goli
Title PhD student in CEE
Department Multiphysics modeling of composite processing based on rapid polymerization

Isaiah Kim

Photograph Isaiah Kim, Ph.D. student
Title PhD student in AE
Department Impact response of granular media

Anthony Klepacki

Title MS student in ME
Department Mesoscale IGFEM analysis of composite failure

Chen Zhang

Photograph Chen Zhang
Title PhD student in AE
Department Molecular tailoring of delamination properties of thin films using self-assembled monolayers: Multiscale modeling

Kedi Zhang

Title PhD student in ECE
Department Computational analysis and design of electro-magnetic composites


Alumni Ph.D.

Alejandro M. Aragón

Photograph Alejandro M. Aragón
Title PhD, CEE, 2010
Department Computational design of microvascular materials for active cooling

Xiaopeng Bi

Title PhD, AE, 2003
Department Dynamic fiber debonding and push-out in model composites

M. Scot Breitenfeld

Photograph M. Scot Breitenfeld
Title PhD, AE, 2014
Department Quasi-static non-ordinary state-based peridynamics for the modeling of 3D fracture

Elena Caraba

Title PhD, CS, 2014
Department Computational modeling and simulation of composite materials based on tomographic images

Helen M. Inglis

Photograph Helen M. Inglis
Title PhD, ME, 2008
Department Multiscale modeling of the effect of debonding on the constitutive response of heterogeneous materials

Rajeev Jaiman

Photograph Rajeev Jaiman
Title PhD, AE, 2007
Department Accuracy and stability of transient multiphysics simulations

Soma Kandula

Title PhD, AE, 2008
Department Delamination of thin film patterns using laser-induced stress waves

Dhirendra Kubair

Title PhD, AE, 2001
Department Cohesive modeling of dynamic fracture: rate dependence and intersonic crack motion

Mohan Kulkarni

Photograph Mohan Kulkarni
Title PhD, AE, 2009
Department Multiscale cohesive modeling of heterogeneous adhesives

Spandan Maiti

Title PhD, AE, 2002
Department Grain-level simulation of dynamic failure in ceramic materials

Mohith Manjunath

Photograph Mohith Manjunath
Title PhD, AE, 2014
Department Wave tailoring granular materials: effect of randomness and plane wave propagation

Ahmad R. Najafi

Photograph Ahmad R. Najafi
Title PhD, TAM, 2016
Department Multiscale design of nonlinear materials using a shape optimization scheme based on an interface-enriched GFEM

Christopher M. Ostoich

Photograph Christopher M. Ostoich
Title PhD, AE 2013
Department Multi-physics modeling of thermal/fluid/solid coupling in hypersonic vehicles

Raj Kumar Pal

Photograph Raj Kumar Pal
Title PhD, TAM, 2014
Department Wave tailoring in elastic and elasto-plastic granular systems

Zhu Qi

Title PhD, AE, 2000
Department Dimensional accuracy of thermoset polymer composites: Process simulation and optimization

Soheil Soghrati

Photograph Soheil Soghrati
Title PhD, CEE, 2013
Department An interface-enriched generalized finite element method for the design of actively-cooled microvascular composites

Karthik Srinivasan

Photograph Karthik Srinivasan
Title PhD, AE, 2008
Department Thermomechanical meso-scale modeling of combustion of heterogeneous solid propellants

Fernando V. Stump

Photograph Fernando V. Stump
Title PhD, TAM, 2013
Department Multiscale modeling of rate dependence and size effects on nanocrystalline metallic thin films

Mahesh M. Sucheendran

Photograph Mahesh M. Sucheendran
Title PhD, AE, 2013
Department Structural/acoustic coupled analysis of thin-walled aerospace structures

Marcus H. Y. Tan

Title PhD, TAM, 2017
Department IGFEM-based modeling and design of microvascular composites with complex embedded networks

Phuong Tran

Photograph Phuong Tran
Title PhD, TAM, 2010
Department Laser-induced delamination test protocol for thin films: modeling and experiments

Alumni M.S.

Jeff Baylor

Title MS, AE, 1997
Department A numerical simulation of impact-induced damage of composites

M. Scot Breitenfeld

Photograph M. Scot Breitenfeld
Title MS, AE, 1997
Department Simulations of dynamic failure of interfaces using a spectral method

Qi Dang

Title MS, AE, 2017
Department NURBS-based enriched finite element mesh generation for complex materials

Varma Dantuluri

Title MS, AE, 2004
Department Cohesive modeling of delamination in Z-pin reinforced composites

Michael Danyluk

Title MS, AE, 1996
Department Visco-elastodynamic fracture using a spectral method

Heath Dewey

Title MS, AE, 2006
Department Large-scale three-dimensional simulations of aeroelastic phenomena

Arjan Hegeman

Title MS, AE, 1997
Department Self-repairing polymers: repair mechanisms and micro-mechanical modeling

Soma Kandula

Title MS, AE, 2004
Department Cohesive modeling of fracture in functionally graded materials

Natarajan Kumar

Photograph Natarajan Kumar
Title MS, AE, 2006
Department Genetic algorithm based reconstruction of periodic unit cells of random particulate composites

Sandhya Mangala

Title MS, AE, 2006
Department Dynamic fracture simulations with adaptive mesh modification in parallel framework

Parag Nittur

Title MS, AE, 2006
Department Mesoscale analysis of fragmentation of ceramics under dynamic multiaxial compression

Lale Ozhkaya

Title MS, AE, 2004
Department Flutter analysis of a single flap system under supersonic flow

Jay Patel

Photograph Jay Patel
Title MS, AE, 2009
Department Deterministic and stochastic analysis for debonding of fibrous composites using micromechanics modeling

Sri Krishna Potukuchi

Title MS, AE, 2015
Department Fracture analysis of carbon fiber/epoxy matrix interface through microbond and cruciform tests

Brad Roe

Title MS, AE, 2006
Department Coupled thermal simulations of fluid-structure problems

Viswanathan Sabarivasan

Title MS, AE, 2000
Department Micromechanical modeling of self-healing polymeric composites

Premsainath C. Selvarasu

Photograph Premsainath C. Selvarasu
Title MS, AE, 2011
Department Role of residual stresses and inelasticity on dynamic delamination of thin films

Kyle J. Smith

Photograph Kyle J. Smith
Title MS, AE, 2009
Department Wave propagation in granular media

Jay Thomas

Title MS, AE, 2002
Department Multi-scale spectral/molecular dynamics simulation of dynamic fracture in brittle materials

Brett Wood

Title MS, AE, 1999
Department Aeroelastic simulations of a novel bleeding system for supersonic inlets

Scott Zacek

Photograph Scott Zacek
Title MS, AE, 2017
Department Impact of microstructural statistics on the failure of unidirectional composites

Mario Zaczek

Title MS, AE, 2001
Department Adaptive cohesive volumetric finite element method for dynamic fracture simulations

Alumni Postdocs

Alejandro Aragón

Department Multi scale modeling of heterogeneous adhesives

Amnaya P. Awasthi

Photograph Amnaya P. Awasthi
Department Wave-tailoring granular media and molecular tailoring of interfaces

Fabian Barras

Title Visiting scholar, EPFL, Switzerland
Department Dynamic fracture mechanics

René Carpaij

Title Visiting scholar, EPFL, Switzerland
Department Transient intersonic motion of mode I cracks

Julien Hendrickx

Title Visiting scholar, UCL, Belgium
Department Dynamic failure of thin films

Changyu Hwang

Department Multi physics modeling of solid propellant rockets

Guoyu Lin

Department Cohesive modeling of fiber pushout in model composite

Spandan Maiti

Department Cohesive modeling of self-healing materials

Karel Matous

Title CSAR research scientist
Department Multiscale modeling of materials and interfaces

Masoud Safdari

Department NURBS-based IGFEM, transverse failure of composites

Maryam Shakiba

Photograph Maryam Shakiba
Department IGFEM modeling of transverse failure on fiber-reinforced composites

Damien Spielmann

Title Visiting scholar, EPFL, Switzerland
Department Spectral analysis of mode II crack front waves