Current Grad Students

Active graduate students in our research group.

Angel Agrawal

Title MS student in AE
Department Mesoscale analysis of transverse cracking in composite laminates

David Brandyberry

Title PhD student in AE
Department Multiscale analysis and design of electrets

Elyas Goli

Photograph Elyas Goli
Title PhD student in CEE
Department Multiphysics modeling of composite processing based on rapid polymerization

Isaiah Kim

Photograph Isaiah Kim, Ph.D. student
Title PhD student in AE
Department Impact response of granular media

Anthony Klepacki

Title MS student in ME
Department Mesoscale IGFEM analysis of composite failure

Chen Zhang

Photograph Chen Zhang
Title PhD student in AE
Department Molecular tailoring of delamination properties of thin films using self-assembled monolayers: Multiscale modeling

Kedi Zhang

Title PhD student in ECE
Department Computational analysis and design of electro-magnetic composites